So,  who knew that we had a thyroid!?

I genuinely thought that a thyroid was a mysterious, unknown hormone, that I occasionally heard others talking about, but that was before I found a lump in my neck, which turned out to be in my thyroid (which is in your lower neck region)……and then, Papillary Thyroid Cancer!


I guess, this was my beginning, hence why I thought that this would be a relevant picture and post……this picture, was taken a few hours after my thyroidectomy on May 19th 2014.

For me, in some ways, strange as it may sound, this was the beginning of a fresh start. You often hear of others, that have been affected my Cancer, illness and disease, merely being aware of them, but never imaging EVER being one of them! Or perhaps you’ve been involved in some capacity with a family member that has got Cancer, no matter how much of a role you have or haven’t played, nothing can prepare you for when you get told you have Cancer.

For me, having had my mother a year previously affected by breast Cancer , then followed by my Thyroid Cancer, I felt rather numb, not really knowing how to deal with such a diagnosis, possible fate or decisions that I felt perhaps had already been decided for me….for instance, my surgery, my thyroxin tablets, the radio-iodine ablation therapy. I felt, and similar to many others that I have spoken to, that your life gets taken from you, your fate is being decided, your treatment is being forced upon you….because, let’s face it, what choice are you given!?

Many of you reading this, will know that I used to be a control freak! Yes, admittedly, I used to organise my life in to compartments, what I needed to do daily, weekly and even yearly (and this was before kids) always planning and making lists,…what can I say, it made me happy, or at least I thought it did! When really, looking back now, it made me feel inadequate….because, really, when can we really follow and achieve all that we plan and set out for!? To some extent it’s ok and fairly natural with every day busy lifestyle, but to the extent that I did it….it was a constant reminder of what I hadn’t done yet!

I guess, getting Cancer, made me take a breath and scrap the lists and planning, because, lets face it…whether your diagnosis is very good or not, the first thing you think about is dying, leaving loved ones and NOT seeing your children grow up! It certainly makes you appreciate life more and be grateful for what you have had, simply because you realise that you really don’t know NOW how long it might be. If anything, this reality check in some ways has taught me some key life lessons, which I certainly wouldn’t have learnt or understood fully from a book or hearing second hand from anyone else.

The challenges become different, after beating Cancer.  For me, my biggest challenge after Cancer is now avoiding it again, through health, wellbeing and nutrition….and this is now me, 2015, 33 years old, 2 wonderful, loving and bossy children and my husband (my best friend)….This is Butterfly effect. I hope old friends and new enjoy reading my posts, my pictures and insights into those that inspire me, and keep me going! I am grateful for your support.