We found ourselves sampling the much talked about Annie’s Burger Shack for lunch today! 🍔🍟🍴

The Vegan patty was actually very tasty….combining Beetroot, bread crumbs, sweet potato and beans with Vegan Cheese and fajita vegetables!

For meat lovers….all the beef is locally sourced! The musical theme, the vibes and the decor create a very authentic American feel with a menu to match. Definitely one for the veggie and vegan-friendly in town. Highly recommended.

My kids found it hilarious watching the differing varieties of the ‘beast’ of a burger on the kitchen counter, spying on whether the people ate their massive burgers with one big chomp or with their knife and fork!

If your curious how most ate their burgers the consensus was the 🍴🍴

How do you eat yours!? 😜🍔😁