About Me

Hello and welcome to Butterfly Effect! I’ve been writing this blog now for just over a year, starting as a means simply of recording and journalling my adventures with the family turning to a plant-based, whole foods, dairy-free lifestyle.

I started writing initially after my Papillary Thyroid Cancer diagnosis back in May 2014. My husband and I decided to undergo a healthy regime of green juices, more green vegetables and lots more salads during the months that I had a thyroidecetomy. In August 2014, whilst undergoing radio-iodine ablation treatment my diet pretty much changed overnight from just simply adding in more greens, to a whole foods, plant-based diet, giving up all meat, dairy, sugar and gluten and anything processed.

During the horrendous and painful two weeks of isolation away from my children, because of my radio-active levels, I had a perfect excuse to read, think and reflect. I distinctly remember reading and watching video clips of Kris Carr’s story as a Cancer thriver one day in bed and even now I still get goose bumps recalling this moment of release, it is and will always be a story for me of true inspiration. I guess you could say I had my epiphany of Butterfly Effect, not the name…. but the idea that my next life challenge was to educate, inspire and involve my children in improving health, nutrition and wellbeing.

Much of my journey since has involved continued research and reading on holistic, natural healing approaches. Along the way I have met with some very inspiring individuals with amazing stories of health and healing and have had opportunities to contribute my recipes and also attended many events/workshops and festivals and met other like-minded families to share experiences.

For me, my ongoing challenges involve an awareness of how nutrition, health and wellbeing all play an important part in sustaining a healthier and happier family.

A real satisfaction for me, is that I have been able to cure my infested eczema and my children’s symptoms of eczema and sustain a general level of health and wellness in the family, resulting in less colds and fatigue and more energy and attention span.

But…..like everyone, my family and I are only human….no one is perfect, so there are days that we do struggle. My children will choose to turn their nose up to a new dinner creation of mine or will simply pick their dinner to death, moaning about what is in it. There will be other days when I create fantastic juices and smoothies and treats which I love but they dislike and to be truthful these creations either get stored in a tupaware box and fridge and forgotten about, ultimately wasted.

Part of my blog and website is to create an honest and true reflection of our journey, the good, bad and ugly. Let’s face it, if you are changing your eating habits in your family, you too will have these moments of uncertainty and so instead of painting a glamorous picture and videos of true perfection, like you’ll find in most other blogs and websites I wanted to share my experiences as an entirety, how it was, how it is and what has and hasn’t worked for us. Hopefully with some of the tips and tricks I post up on my site, you’ll be able to gain an insight into ideas to get your children (and husband) on board with healthier eating habits, hopefully making your journey a little less turbulent.

Positive thinking sent your way – All the best.

Love Naomi x