The sun’s out but it’s still a bit cold….I fancy comfort food! Peanut butter spread on gluten free toast with chopped banana….why not!? I’ve never eaten so much! I’m always grazing throughout my day! What makes me feel good though is that I eat lots of different foods and my taste buds are fully satisfied! I have to say as a child the thought of putting peanuts and a fruit on my toast filled me with disgust….the Americans and their peanut butter jelly sandwiches were mad to me! But I love nothing more than a nut butter and banana on toast! Why not indulge in a peanut butter sand which especially as peanuts are a source of protein, an energy booster, a good fat with potassium. Just one serving of peanut butter will give you at least 3 mg of the antioxidant Vitamin E. Additionally, you will also get magnesium (about 49g) which is excellent for bone building and muscle recovery!